Buzz Buggy VH-XUX Stopover in Seletar Enroute to Guilin

October 2016

Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6

Day 1
Saturday, Oct. 8

Arrival into Seletar (WSSL)

Flight Time from Surabaya (WARR) is about 5 hr 50 min, Cruise Altitude 8,500 feet, IAS 140 kts.

Welcome to Singapore!

This mission to fly Buzz Buggy to the Flying Tiger Heritage Park and Museum in Guilin, China is to honour the those men who served to bring victory and peace, and to the friendships between nations today that are charged with keeping the peace.

Taxying into Bay C6
The welcoming party
Buzz Buggy being repositioned to the Jet Aviation Facility
Tom Claytor being interviewed by a local newspaper reporter 
The Flight Crew with members of the RSFC
The Flight Crew
from L to R:

Larry Jobe
Alan Searle
Mick O'Grady
Barry Arlow
Bob Small
Tom Claytor

Due to the 7 week AOG, Pilot Dale Mueller had to leave the team and return to regular programming 

C47 Registration VH-XUX
This is the port Engine that caught fire 90 minutes after departing Bali (WADD)

"How many days does it take to change a C47 engine?"


The Flight Deck

Ask Alan about the Cabin Environment Control

Day 2
Sunday, Oct 9

"We gotta to fix the engine"

Barry, Tom and Bob.
Flight Engineer Barry Arlow getting the engine ready for a low power Ground Run in the afternoon
Flight Engineer Mick O'Grady working on the Pratt & Whitney R-1830-90C Twin Wasp

At 1730 hrs, no joy with the magnetos.

At Dinner  somewhere Downtown Singapore


Aw, Tom and Alan


Day 3
Monday, Oct. 10


1720 hrs:
"Does anyone have a battery charger?"


Day 4
Tuesday, Oct. 11

This Magneto Selector Switch is probably older than many of us


Barry with Darryl checking the Left Engine Magneto wiring

"When you select Left, Right is grounded...Right?

Mick putting a panel back in place. He keeps the screws in his mouth


1900 hrs:
After the Engine Ground Run, it was determined that the Left Engine, Right Magneto needs to be replaced. That's another night in Singapore!

Day 5
Wednesday, Oct. 12

1700 hrs:
After replacing the Magneto, Buzz Buggy prepares for another Ground Run

1800 hrs:
Tom and Bob discussing  departure options with Seletar Tower Air Traffic Controllers

1830 hrs
As sunset approaches, Buzz Buggy is repositioned to Bay C6 after a successful ground run - "We've got the Power...and it's smooth!"

Day 6
Thursday, Oct. 13

Day of Departure

0540 hrs:
Bob and Tom doing the External Checks

Pilots Bob and Alan will be flying this leg to U-Taphao (VTBU)
Looking Good and almost ready to go
Briefing in progress
0625 hrs:
"Pushback...or Pullback...or towback onto Whiskey-Alpha, face South"
0648 hrs:
"VH-XUX, contact Singapore Approach 120.3 G'Day!
We are glad you came - A piece of Aviation History passing through Singapore


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