Udon Thani International Air & Bike Festival

January 2014

Flight Planning:

Day 1: Seletar - Subang - Penang - Hatyai

Day 2: Hat Yai - Surat Thani - U-Taphao

Day 3: U-Taphao - Khon Kaen - Udon Thani

Day 1: Tue, Jan. 14 08:30 hrs

Ready for Departure in 2 aircraft, 9V-BOZ and 9M-GIG


16:15 hrs: At Penang

Penang Tower: "9V-BOZ Cleared Line Up and Wait Runway 22 behind the landing Dynasty 747"

Penang WMKP

Day 2: Wed, 15 Jan. 15:09 hrs

Abeam Prachuap Khiri Khan, 3,000 feet.

Searching for waypoint "Leecheng"

Wed. 15 Jan, 16:20 hrs.

Downwind Rwy 18 U-Taphao


U-Taphao VTBU

300 ft, 90 kts on Short Final, Runway 18 U-Taphao


"Lan Leung ???" 

Translation: Land Long


Pilot-in-Command: Sebastian Sim

Day 3: Thu, 16 Jan. 1205 hrs

Lunch in Pattaya

DIY Sightseeing in Pattaya
At Pattaya Hill overlooking Pattaya Bay
Follow Me Truck at U-Taphao
Day 4: Fri, 17 Jan. 13:05 hrs

Approach into Khon Kaen Runway 03

Khon Kaen VTUK

Khon Kaen Airport Terminal Building
Fri. 17 Jan, 13:55 hrs

Still at Khon Kaen. Take your pick- Sebastian is:

a. taking a selfy

b. checking for messages

c. programming his GPS

Day 4: Fri, 17 Jan. 15:40 hrs

Checking-in at the Event Registration desk at Udon Thani


Udon Thani VTUD

19:05 hrs

First Dinner in Udon Thani

Day 5: Fri, 18 Jan. 09:05 hrs

Sam feeling happy...

...to be at a Record Breaking Event
Where are our pilots?
RSFC Pilots with the Udon Thani Beauty Pageant Winner
Day 5. Sat, 18 Jan. 14:30 hrs

Air Carnival Opening Ceremony.

Cpt. Porntep Saksujarit, Festival Secretariat
Some Air Carnival participants from Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore
9V-BOZ at Udon Thani
Flying Experience Flight for Udon School Students

Pilot-in-Command: Mike Neo

More Air Carnival participants and organisers from Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore
Lots of Fireworks!
Day 6: Sun, 19 Jan. 9:05 hrs

Morning Tour at Red Tulip Lake

16:07 hrs

Somewhere not too far from Vientiane, Laos after a 1-hour coach journey across the Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge.


Day 6: Sun, 19 Jan, 20:00

Thank You Party

RSFC President receives a Certificate of Participation from the Governor of Udon Thani, Mr. Seni Chittakasem
Farewell Dinner Participants
Day 7: Mon, Jan 20 10:00 hrs

Happy and Ready for the journey back to Seletar

Planned Distance 1,115 nautical miles in 7 legs, Total Estimated Flight Time 13 hrs 10 minutes