Pulau Tioman

October 1996

Enroute: Abeam Pulau Babi Besar (left) and Pulau Tinggi

Routing: WSSL - East of JB - Kota Tinggi - Mersing - WMBT


6 miles to go. "Cleared descend for Right Base Runway 20"
Airfield in sight

Tower: 122.8
Runway: 02/20
2600' x 100'

Short Final

40 degrees Flaps, 55 kts

Taxying into the Apron
How did we get 7 persons into Tioman with 1 aircraft?

L to R:
Doris, Patrick, Kee Hock, Darryl, Helena, JoAnne and Han Boon

Berjaya Tioman Resort
On the boat to Pulau Renggis for snorkeling
Pulau Renggis

Boat Ride: MYR 8.00

Snorkeling Gear RM 4.00

The Chalet
Dinner at the Resort with James and Po Ming
The old Control Tower and the Terminal building
Departing WMBT Rwy 02
Back home again. "Wind Calm, Cleared to Land Rwy 21"